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List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 2

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QD21 -  Mark completed notifications
QD22 -  Archiving Notifications: Archive
QD24 -  Archiving Notifications: Delete
QD25 -  Archiving Notifications: Admin.
QD33 -  Delete quality level
QD34 -  Delete quality level planning
QD35 -  Delete job overview for Q-levels
QDA1 -  Edit sampling type
QDA3 -  Display sampling type

QDB1 - Maintain allowed relationships QDB3 - Display allowed relationships QDH1 - Q-level evaluation: Change data QDH2 - Q-level evaluation: Display data QDL1 - Create quality level QDL2 - Change quality level QDL3 - Display quality level QDM1 - Edit valuation mode QDM3 - Display valuation mode QDP1 - Create sampling scheme QDP2 - Change sampling scheme QDP3 - Display sampling scheme QDR1 - Create dynamic modification rule QDR2 - Change dynamic modification rule QDR3 - Display dynamic modification rule QDR6 - Disp. where-used list-dyn. mod. rule QDR7 - Replace dynamic mod. rule used QDV1 - Create sampling procedure QDV2 - Change sampling procedure QDV3 - Display sampling procedure QDV6 - Uses: Sampling procedures QDV7 - Replace sampling procedure used QE00 - Quality Planning QE01 - Record characteristic results QE02 - Change characteristic results QE03 - Display characteristic results QE04 - Record sample results QE05 - Change sample results QE06 - Display sample results QE09 - Indiv.display of charac.result QE09WP  Call QE09 from Workplace QE11 - Record results for inspection point QE12 - Change results for inspection point QE13 - Display results for inspection point QE14 - Record results for delivery note QE15 - Change results for delivery note QE16 - Display results for delivery note QE17 - Record results for equipment QE18 - Change results for equipment QE19 - Display results for equipment QE20 - Record results for funct. location QE21 - Change results for funct. location QE22 - Display results for funct. location QE23 - Record results for phys. sample QE24 - Change results for phys. sample QE25 - Display results for phys. sample QE29 - No. Range Maint.: Conf. No. for Char QE51 - Results recording worklist QE51N   Results Recording Worklist QE52 - Worklist: Results for phys. sample QE53 - Worklist: Record results for equip. QE54 - Worklist: Results for funct. loctns QE71 - Tabular res. recording for insp. pts QE72 - Tabular Results Rec. for Insp. Lots QE73 - Tabular res. recording for characs. QEH1 - Worklist for Mobile Results Rec. QEI1 - Displaying QM Interfaces Appl. Log QEI2 - Deleting QM Interfaces Appl. Log QEW01   Results Recording on Web QEW01V  Variant Maint.: Recording on Web QF01 - Record defect data QF02 - Change defect data QF03 - Display defect data QF11 - Record defects for inspection lot QF21 - Record defects for operation QF31 - Record defects for characteristic QG09 - Maint. num. range Q control charts QGA1 - Display quality score time line QGA2 - Display inspection results QGA3 - Print inspection results QGC1 - Qual. control charts for insp. lots QGC2 - Control charts for task list charac. QGC3 - Control charts for master insp. char QGD1 - Test Equipment Usage List QGD2 - Test Equipment Tracking QGP1 - Results history for task list charac QGP2 - Results History for Task List Charac QI01 - Create quality info. - purchasing QI02 - Change qual.information - purchasing QI03 - Display quality info. - purchasing QI04 - Job planning for QM procurement keys QI05 - Mass maintenance QM procurement keys QI06 - QM Releases: Mass maintenance QI07 - Incoming insp. and open pur. orders QI08 - Job overview of QM procurement keys QISR - Internal Service Request QISR1   Internal Service Request - Forms QISR_PCR60 -    vc_scenario for Message type 60(PCR) QISR_SM29 - - ISR Customizing: Table Transfer QISR_SR12_START Suggestion System QISRSCENARIO - Customizing Szenario QISRTRANSPORT   ISR Customizing Transport QISRW   Internal Service Request on the Web QK01 - Assign QM order to material QK02 - Display assigned QM orders QK03 - Maintain specs. for order type QK04 - Create QM order QK05 - Confirmed activities for insp. lot QL11 - Mat: Distribute Inspection Setup-ALE QL21 - Master Inspection Characs (ALE) QL31 - Distribute Inspection Methods (ALE) QL41 - Distribute Code Groups (ALE) QM00 - Quality Notifications QM01 - Create quality notification QM02 - Change quality notification QM03 - Display quality notification QM10 - Change list of quality notifications QM10WP  QM10 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp QM11 - Display List of Qual. Notifications QM12 - Change list of tasks QM13 - Display list of tasks QM13WP  QM13 - Call from  Workplace/MiniApp QM14 - Change list of items QM15 - Display list of items QM16 - Change activity list QM17 - Display activity list QM19 - List of Q Notifications, Multi-Level QM50 - Time line display Q notifications QMW1 - Create quality notification (WWW) QP01 - Create QP02 - Change QP03 - Display QP05 - Print inspection plan QP06 - List: Missing/unusable insp. plans QP07 - List: Missing/Unusable GR InspPlans QP08 - Print task lists for material QP11 - Create reference operation set QP12 - Change reference operation set QP13 - Display reference operation set QP48 - Number Ranges for Physical Samples QP49 - Number range for phys. samp. drawing QP60 - Time-related development of plans QP61 - Display change documents insp.plan QP62 - Change documents ref.operation sets QPIQS8  QM MiniApp Selection Variant QPIQS9  QM MiniApp Selection Variant QPNQ - Number ranges for inspection plans QPQA32  QM MiniApp Selection Variant QPQGC1  QM MiniApp Selection Variant QPQM10  QM MiniApp Selection Variant QPQM13  QM MiniApp Selection Variant QPR1 - Create physical sample QPR2 - Change physical sample QPR3 - Display physical sample QPR4 - Confirm physical sample drawing QPR5 - Manual inspection lots for physSamps QPR6 - Create new phys.-samp. drawing w.ref QPR7 - Storage Data Maintenance QPV2 - Maintain sample drawing procedure QPV3 - Display sample drawing procedure QS21 - Create master insp. characteristic QS22 - Create master insp. charac. version QS23 - Change master insp. charac. version QS24 - Display master insp. charac. version QS25 - Delete master insp. charac. version QS26 - Display characteristic use QS27 - Replace master insp. characteristic QS28 - Display insp. charac. list QS29 - Maintain characteristic number range QS31 - Create inspection method QS32 - Create inspection method version QS33 - Change inspection method version QS34 - Display inspection method version QS35 - Delete inspection method version QS36 - Display inspection method use QS37 - Central replacement of methods QS38 - Display inspection method list QS39 - Maintain method number range QS41 - Maintain catalog QS42 - Display catalog QS43 - Maintain catalog QS44 - Maintain catalog QS45 - Display catalog QS46 - Display code group use QS47 - Central replacement of code groups QS48 - Usage indicator - code groups QS49 - Display code groups and codes QS4A - Display catalog QS51 - Edit Selected Sets QS52 - Display selected set index QS53 - Maintain individual selected set QS54 - Maintain selected set QS55 - Display selected set QS58 - Usage indicator - selected sets QS59 - Display selected sets QS61 - Maintain material specification QS62 - Display material specification QS63 - Maintain material spec: Planning QS64 - Display material spec: For key date QS65 - Activate material specification QS66 - Plan activation of material spec. QS67 - Job overview: Activate mat. spec. QSR5 - Archive inspection plans QSR6 - Delete routings QST01   Create Stability Study QST03   Display Stability History QST04   Display Inspection Plans QST05   Graphical Scheduling Overview QST06   Scheduling Overview (StabilityStudy) QST07   Change Testing Schedule Items QST08   Display Testing Schedule Items QSUB - Define subsystems QT00 - Test Equipment Management QT01 - Test equipment management QTSA - Product Allocations: Send Quantities QTSP - Product Allocations:Send Customizing QUERY_BP_FSBPBILDER -   BP: Screen Customizing for Query QV01 - Create quality assurance agreement QV02 - Change quality assurance agreement QV03 - Display quality assurance agreement QV04 - Find Quality Assurance Agreement QV11 - Create technical delivery terms QV12 - Change technical delivery terms QV13 - Display technical delivery terms QV14 - Search technical terms of delivery QV21 - Create QA agreement (DocType Q03) QV22 - Change Q-agreement (doc. type Q03) QV23 - Display Q-agreement (doc. type Q03) QV24 - Find Q-agreement (doc. type Q03) QV31 - Create Q-spec. (doc.type Q04) QV32 - Change Q-specification (docType Q04) QV33 - Displ. Q-specification (docType Q04) QV34 - Find Q-specification (doc. type Q04) QV51 - Create control for QM in SD QV52 - Change control for QM in SD QV53 - Display control for QM in SD QVM1 - Inspection lots without completion QVM2 - Inspection lots with open quantities QVM3 - Lots without usage decision QZ00 - Quality Certificates


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Get 30,000 Interview Questions & Answers in an eBook.

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